Jessica Lange
Suites, Series y Secuencias
Sala San Benito, Valladolid - Spain
August 30 - November 4 2012


If “Art is what accounts for life, and life, or what gives it meaning, is found everywhere”, as Alfred Stieglitz said, then the pictures of Jessica Lange are fragments, murmurs, with no other aspiration than to make that movement, its curvature, its texture and its musicality visible. That movement is, above all, a continuity, a continuity punctuated by instants, a narration, a story, a story under way, a story just about to be told, a sequence, a silence and those words that are not pronounced.
Somewhere in Mexico, whatever the longitude and latitude, month or year, is where Jessica Lange draws and demarcates the spaces, the scenes, often theatres of the ordinary, where she appears “almost always with no certain objective, with nothing more decisive than the obscure fact that it is there where it will happen” (1).Her wanderings everywhere and nowhere, when nothing is obvious anymore, guide with indolence her thoughts and look,
with no other intention than to be in the world rather than in front of it. Alone.
She avoids the others, first led by the desire of solitude as a sine qua non condition, but also separating herself from him. Those looks that are not exchanged, broken by a mirror, hidden behind a sheet of rain, enveloped by the density of the night, become a sort of abandonment, first of herself and then of the others.

diChroma photography | Paseo de los parques, 27 - Chálet 8B | 28109 Alcobendas - Madrid | SPAIN.
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