Jessica Lange
Sequences of Mexico
Casa de América, Madrid
March 30 - May 20 2012

© Jessica Lange

If “Art is what accounts for life, and life, or what gives it meaning, is found everywhere”, as Alfred Stieglitz said, then the pictures of Jessica Lange are fragments, murmurs, with no other aspiration than to make that movement, its curvature, its texture and its musicality visible.

That movement is, above all, a continuity, a continuity punctuated by instants, a narration, a story, a story under way, a story just about to be told, a sequence, a silence and those words that are not pronounced.

  • Casa de América, Madrid, Spain
    March 30 – May 20 2012
  • Centro Cultural de Cascais, Portugal
    June 2nd – August 19 2012
  • Sala San Benito, Valladolid, Spain
    August 30 – October 29 2012

Installation views

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