Charles Fréger
Wilder Mann
Basque Museum, Bilbao
March 14 - May 20 2012
©Charles Fréger
I have worked on the Wilder Mann series in 2010 and 2011, in 18 countries, starting with:
Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Switzerland, France, FInland and Romania.

The pictures are singles or group portraits of members of pagan communities linked with the traditions of masquerade.

Basque Museum, Bilbao
Miguel de Unamuno, 4
48006 Bilbao
diChroma photography | Paseo de los parques, 27 - Chálet 8B | 28109 Alcobendas - Madrid | SPAIN.
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