India, Delhi, 1999



Pentti Sammallahti (born Helsinki 1950) is a benchmark figure in contemporary Finnish photography. Sammallahti has been photographing the world around him with a poetic eye since the age of eleven. Sammallahti’s travels across Europe, Scandinavia, Siberia, the far East and Africa, combined with his interest in fine printing and lithography. Featured in solo exhibitions by the age of 21, Sammallahti continued to exhibit and teach at the Helsinki University of Art and Design until receiving the Finnish State´s 15-year artist grant in 1991. He has received awards such as the Samuli Paulaharju Prize of the Finnish Literature Society, State Prizes for Photography, Uusimaa Province Art Prize, Daniel Nyblin Prize, and the Finnish Critics Association Annual, and has been represented at art fairs and in exhibitions in Europe and the USA for over four decades. 

Sammallahti’s work has a supernatural sense of a moment suspended in time, with the sensitivity and beauty of the world displayed through its animalistic existence. 


> Contents95 B&W photographs
> Size of the works40x50 cm
> ConditionMounted and framed
> TransportFrom Madrid
> Crates4 wooden crates
> Rental conditionsThe borrower will be in charge of:
-The transport from and to Paris
-The insurance, nail to nail
-Travel and journey of the responsible of the exhibition (from Madrid) for the installation and opening
-Travel and journey of the artist (from Helsinki)
> AvailibilityMay 2020




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