Pain, 2016


The Invisible Time


As an artist working in the medium of photography my work is rooted in exploration of an alternative way of seeing, both visually and intellectually, that conforms more to my emotional and philosophical response to the world around me than any attempt to document the world as it is.


To that end I use a complex process of techniques and materials, many of which at analogue. Sometimes this comes out as abstraction but more often I am drawn to themes of illusion, conceit, the unreliability of memory and a general sense of there is more to a situation than meets the eye; life is more complex than often portrayed.


While committed to the photographic aesthetic, I am continually in search of new ways of expressing my own personal response to the world around me and to this end frequently manipulate the juxtaposition of what is both seen and unseen in the same image. I find that in this saturated world of photographic images, people have become used to superficially scanning photographic images. By way of reaction, I invite the viewer to slow down, look closer and deeper and to consider each image as a unique narrative of its own but also one that is related to others in the same body of work.


> CuratorAnne Morin
> Contents110 photographs
> Size of worksFrom 50x60cm to 80x100cm
> TransportFrom Madrid
> Rental ConditionsThe borrower will be in charge of:
- The Transport from and to Madrid
- The insurance nail to nail
- Flight and Journey for Dominic Turner from Dublin and the curator
> AvailabilityFrom June 2019




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