Mjasnoe, September 26, 1981


Instant Light

These images leave us with a mysterious and poetic sensation, the melancholy of seeing things for the last time. It is as though Andrey wanted a swift way to pass on his own enjoyment to others. They are to be shared as bread, not only to satisfy his own famine of enchantment. And they offer you a flavour of a fond farewell.

 Tonino Guerra


This is an exhibition of 80 polaroids, accompanied by the book published in 5 languages, made by Andrey Tarkovsky during two decisive moments of his artistic and existential path: the last period of his life in Russia and the first traveling in exile around Italy.

 These images reveal the world of Tarkovsky’s everyday affections, that vivid and vibrant world which he transfigured into the universes of his extraordinary cinematographic representations.

 In a foggy spaces of Russian countryside, full of mystery, which surrounds his house guarded by a dog and illuminated by the presence of a wife and a little son, we find ourselves immersed into the invisible energy which generates and sustain the world, and anything that manifests in it. Hence, in the dramatic Italian images, amidst the ancient ruins and modern disasters, through the interior spaces of the houses, Tarkovsky’s vision expands into a universal embrace of human condition of nostalgic nature – a nostalgic feeling which becomes memory of our ultimate destiny, a feeling that becomes an awareness to be in the shadow, but on the doorway of an absolute light that crosses everything and reveal the luminous beauty of being part of the world. Through the polaroids of Tarkovsky we have the possibility to know the real aspects of his life, the face of his beloved woman, and that of his son, the figures of his real drama who appear transfigured as protagonists of his films made in exile, Nostalghia and Sacrifice. These images show us that comprehension of being part of the world is immediate and that the time of life is the time of the narration. We are offered here a personal diary of light which, through a modest tininess of the locations and everyday gestures, reveals to each one of us the responsibility of being in the world, called to live through time with unique and incomparable destiny. The importance of such a book and an exhibition to us today, besides a new creative aspect of an artist universally recognized as Tarkovskij, lies in a testimony of a profound unity between oriental and occidental visions of Europe.

Giovanni Chiaramonte


> Contents80 original polaroids
> ConditionsFramed in 35x35cm with glass and pass-partout
Minimum space: 240 m2
Length of walls or stands: 65 linear meters
Alarm and climate control
Special lights for fragile documents
> Size of crates4 crates of 50x50x100cm. 45 kg each
> TransportFrom Florence, Italy
> Rental ConditionsThe borrower will be in charge of:
-The Transport from and to Florence
-The insurance nail to nail
-Travel and journey for the curator from Florence
> AvailabilityFrom May 2017
> CuratorAndrey A. Tarkovsky



  • Title: Andrey Tarkovsky. Instant Light. 80 polaroids
  • Size: 21,5x15,5cm
  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: 136
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd


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