Edward Steichen, Elisabeth Bergner New York, 1935


A Portable History of Photography



The last thing will be an image, not a word,

Words die before images

Christa Wolf


Each collection has its own story and literature, and to exhibit it allows both the collector and the spectator to create their own story while organising the images. When preparing or contemplating a collection, the aim is not the acceptable, the conventional; it is exploring how and when this basic form of expression, which consists of looking or treasuring, crosses the threshold of the ordinary towards something more refined, provocative and long-lasting.

The image has gained an unequalled importance, since we are images in a saturated world, where photography has become something inherent in our lives. We remember because our memory is made of many snapshots taken to be remembered. To collect is to gather the world, and, undoubtedly, one photograph or another has to be chosen to evidence our way of seeing it. Each photograph breaks reality and frees a new one which will start its own enigmatic life.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, the first great critic of photography, wrote a lapidary phrase in which he said that with the arrival of photography you could make a crumpled ball of the world and throw it away because all its images had been finally gathered. He referred to the accuracy of its representation, but the photographers were ahead of that view and they would rarely imitate, since their truths were illusory. Sontag said that to collect photographs was to collect the world, but the world is not totally in them, but rather appears as a metaphor of what it really is.

When we contemplate work we can sense the education and sensitivity of the collector, his inclination to genres and authors and even discover his dreams and fears. The biography exposes and reveals itself openly. Thus, a choice, even that of another person, affects our own choices, and, undoubtedly, every exhibition is a point of view. And it is a subjective one, which is why objectivity can only be found in each image.

The spirit of the collection is somewhat orphan, since it was conceived to reflect photography, which, as an innovation, was born motherless. The images are simple fragments of reality. A reality shown as it was perceived by the eye which took it, even if it was not that “real”.

Every collection is chaotic, no matter how much some people insist on explaining its guidelines. But chaotic does not mean without order, but instead that the collection sometimes has its own natural order, like the world or the houses we live in. As Heidegger said, “We do not inhabit because we have built, but rather build and have built insofar as we inhabit, that is, insofar as we are who inhabit”.

Lola Garrido


> Contents120 original prints of several photographers such as: 
Berenice Abbott
Diane Arbus
Lillian Bassman
Cecil Beaton
Edouard Boubat
Bill Brandt
Josef Breitenbach
Julia Margaret Cameron
Robert Capa
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Marti Cole
Louise Dahl-Wolfe
Madame D’Ora
Harold Edgerton
William Eggleston
Alfred Ehrhardt
Elliott Erwitt
Walker Evans
Nan Goldin
Milton H. Greene
Robert Grobe
F. C. Gundlach
Philippe Halsman
Raoul Hausmann
Florence Henri
Horst P. Horst
Frank Horvat
George Hoyningen-Huene
Lotte Jacobi
Alfred Cheney Johnston
André Kertész
Hannes Kilian
Jürgen Klauke
William Klein
Dorothea Lange
Alma Lavenson
Marcus Leatherdale
Herbert List
René Magritte
Robert Mapplethorpe
Lee Miller
Richard Misrach
Lisette Model
Lucía Moholy-Nagy
Inge Morath
Martin Munkacsi
Norman Parkinson
Irving Penn
Robert Rauschenberg
Man Ray
Alexander Rodchenko
Cindy Sherman
Edward Steichen
Bern Stern
Alfred Stieglitz
Wolfgang Tillmans
Garry Winogrand
Weegee (Arthur H. Fellig)
Wanda Wulz
Madame Yevonde
> ConditionMounted and Framed
> TransportFrom Madrid
> ConditionsThe borrower will be in charge of:
-The transport from and to Madrid
-The insurance, nail to nail
-Travel and journey of the curator of the exhibition from Madrid, for the opening
> AvailabilityFrom April 2019
> CuratorLola Garrido


A Portable History of Photography. A Portable History of Photography.
A Portable History of Photography. A Portable History of Photography.
A Portable History of Photography. A Portable History of Photography.



  • Casa del Cordón - Burgos - Spain
    May 22 - August 25 2013

  • The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts - Moscow, Russia
    October 14- January 18 2015

  • Sala San Benito - Valladolid, Spain
    March 18 - May 17 2015

  • Campredon Centre d´art - Isle sur la Sorgue - France
    July 4 - October 4 2015

  • Cristobal Balenciaga Museoa - Getaria, Spain
    October 29 - January 31 2016

  • Patio Herreriano - Valladolid, Spain
    May 9 - August 27 2017

  • Kuk e. V. Monschau - StaedteRegion Aachen, Germany
    July 9 - September 10 2017

  • Galeria Miejska bwa Bydgoszcz - Bydgoszcz, Poland
    November 13 2017 - January 28 2018

  • Musée de la Photographie Charles Negre - Nice, France
    February 16 - May 13 2018

  • Kutxa Kultur Artegunea - Tabakalera - San Sebastián - Spain
    November 22 2018 - February 17 2019

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