Isabel Muñoz


"What does the artist do?", asks Anselm Kiefer. He makes connections, he says. He weaves invisible threads between things. He plunges into history, whether it be the history of humanity, the geological history of the Earth or the beginning and end of the manifest cosmos.

The work of Isabel Muñoz is constituded in the slowness. It is a kind of tree that never stops rising, spreading and growing imperceptibly, probably because it is a work that does not care about the passing of time but addresses the original time. It weaves together the ancient civilizations that make up the history of our world, and links them to our contemporary time, knotting together these temporalities that end up beating time together. The image is the witness, and it is also the impulse.

For nearly thirty years, Isabel Muñoz has ventured to the edge of the world, and into its deepest strata until she touches the place of its origin. Japan, Congo, Iran, Bolivia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, etc. She probes the low frequencies of the world and reactivates their tempo by the simple fact of the photographic image.

This exhibition, whose title OMEGA refers to what conencts human time to universal time, offers a cross-section in the sedimentation of Isabel Muñoz's work, a kind of fractal X-ray of these invisible links that she has never stopped weaving between things and that contain within them the mineral essence of a world about to disappear.

Anne Morin, curator


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