Céline Clanet

Ground Noise

In electrical and electronic systems, a "ground noise" is a sound interference, a parasitic noise considered harmful. Like a flying insect trapped in a lamp, it's a continuous rustle, a hum, a vibration that seeks to escape.

The teeming world of insect and arthropod fauna awakens primitive reactions in us. Even dead, under glass and pinned up, a spider can frighten a large human for a moment. Admittedly, we've managed to tame some of these antipathies through admiration (the incredible work of ants, the beauty of butterflies) or recognition (bees, our most useful feeders), but the world of arthropods remains mysterious, obscure, even disturbing.

Photographer Céline Clanet, with the support of INRAE and EPA Paris-Saclay, has turned her attention to this little-known and seldom-seen world. Her black and white series combines shots taken in various French forests with microscopic photographs of organic elements collected in the same areas. Playing with scale, Céline Clanet explores the surface of the world, opening the doors to a universe that is both strange and familiar.


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